Fearlessly Me

“Hi, my name is Paulette and I’m a recovering Perfectionist.”20140418_155600

I love to write and since 2001 I have been writing my ramblings down in journals.

For years I have used to my advantage (sometimes annoyingly) my ability to zoom in on the tiniest of details.  I painstakingly take time to carefully put together whatever project I have committed my heart to and try never to settle for mediocre results.  However, the truth is I often never finish what I have started or indeed plan to start, partly due to convincing myself it won’t be good enough AND won’t be received with praise, wonder and adoration!

Why the blog name “Yours fearlessly”? Well, when I started my first journal I had just just one rule – write fearlessly – this one rule empowered me to be me; and by not placing a muzzle on my mind writing is a lot more interesting – well, I’m hoping you will think so!  I love spending time with my friends, preferably in a small intimate group setting, and hope this blog will be a virtual lounge.

I’m a born again Christian who is overwhelmed by God’s unfailing love for me and His relentless grace. My relationship with God is evolving (which you will discover) but He has got me!

There are so many things that make me a smile but none of them come close to “Mini Me”, my 20 year old daughter. She makes me smile from the inside out! She’s a qualified Make-up Artist, creative and very driven. Love her!tm2

I’m a PA and for love (and/or money) I enjoy organising events as I get to boss people about, oops I mean project manage AND be creative at the same time! I am especially proud of coordinating one on my closest friend’s weddings from “Will you” (London) to “I do” (Jamaica). I enjoy reading A LOT, I’m mildly addicted to Pinterest and I’m on a mission to get beach worthy fit for the Summer!

Please feel free to let me know what you think – I would love to hear from you.

Yours fearlessly me.


2 comments on “Fearlessly Me

  1. AdiC says:

    Would love to hear more of your fearless ramblings!

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