Chasing after your dreams


Lately I have been indulging my love affair with quotes on Pinterest. My dream quotes are inspiring but what if you can’t remember any of your dreams? What if your dreams have all been crushed or ridiculed out of you – what then?  How do you recover your dreams?

I am an only child that spent a lot of time living in her head. I created my own world sitting alone on the staircase of my childhood home in Camberwell with my dolls and soft toys – naming every single one of them! However dreams can be limited if you don’t have any material to fuel your imagination so from an early age I spent most of my recreational time in the library gathering mental images for my dreams. I meant business!

What’s the difference between a fantasy and a dream?

Fantasy is definitely Dream’s younger relative. Why “younger relative”? Generally children are for more creative and imaginative than adults! Untethered to reality, fantasy has no place in the realms of possibility. And I believe this is the place where God has the MOST fun with His Creation.

God wants us to partner with Him and dream BIG.

Many moons ago I was a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and it was evident from the moment you laid eyes on me what I was championing!  Yet despite no sales experience, I was a successful consultant because of the confidence and love I had for the products. In the same way God is all about US and wants to develop and promote his masterpiece – YOU.

God is the Chief Creator and He created YOU so he wants you to be bold and imaginative with your dreams – let’s face it why dream at all if you’re only going to allow yourself to colour your life within the lines? 

So, back to the dilemma – how do you recover your dreams? Here’s what I did:

1. I asked God to remind me of all the things I have ever wanted to do and/or create
2. I thought about all things I have done that have excited me – that GAVE ME LIFE
3. I looked through my old journals (which go back about 14 years)
4. I asked God for new dreams
5. I began creating new dreams on Pinterest and created a board especially to pin pictures of things I would love to do
6. Started work on my dream board (see photo).


Recently I was discussing with a friend what it looks like to realise your dreams and she told me she started to prepare for her dreams before they happened.  She asked herself: “Where do I need to be or what needs to be in place when X happens?” If your dream is to be married – what kind of wife do you need to be for the man you want to have? Just about everyone I know dreams about winning the lottery but not many plan for what they will do with the £10 trillion that they will win (I admit I have and I don’t even play)!

Don’t just dream but prepare yourself for when your dreams actually happen.

I was not wired to follow the crowd but to be radical, to impact lives, to be fearless, to do what God created me to do.  To be ME!  To plant seeds of creativity that will continue to spring up – years after I’ve left this world.  That’s my dream.  And you know what?  I have been making small deposits into this dream but now I am being more intentional.  Like Ezekiel (37:1-10) I am now speaking life into my dreams (you may call this affirmations or prophesying) one dream at a time starting right here and now with this blog post.

So, what are you waiting for? You were created to create so start dreaming and go after your dreams!


6 comments on “Chasing after your dreams

  1. AdiC says:

    I love how Pinterest helps people in so many ways! Your dream journal reminds me of what my mother loves to do! 🙂

  2. Ché Kirah says:

    This is great P, thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Thanks for the reminder Paulette. Yes dreams really come alive when we make up our minds to pull them from the world of dreams into a place where we can begin to touch them with our natural hands.
    My dream of adoption is now real and far more amazing than the dream itself.

    Paulette keep inspiring other as you birth the dreams in you,also
    Never get discouraged If others don’t understand your dream or journey only part way with you on your dream. Remember it’s yours not theirs.


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