Sleepless in South London (1.6.14)

I hardly slept last night. I tossed and turned and eventually got up at 4am (I went to bed just after midnight) to talk to God or to be more accurate, to hear what He had to say to me. After an hour I went back to bed hoping I would sleep but alas, no. So again I got up and this time read.

Later in the morning off I went to the 11.30am service at King’s so tired I could hardly stand for the first 20 minutes and can honestly say I worshipped with all that I had today. During the worship the first word came … the scripture God gave me this morning (Romans 8). Then the second word came … this also resonated with me. Then the worship leaders sang “I surrender all …” This song encapsulated the essence of my conversation with God this morning – I surrendered to Him a question I had been too afraid to ask but I’ve had it with playing it safe and God can be trusted right? Then the message came – entitled “David, God and Goliath”. This very week I defeated a Goliath that had taunted me for years. As if that wasn’t enough (because by now I’m holding a very wet tissue with my carefully applied make up on it!) the worship leaders sing one of my favourite hymns “In Christ alone”.

To close we were encouraged to share our story – to share things that we have battled with that will change the lives of others. Those close to me KNOW what this word means to me. Then (yes another “then”), a lady I don’t really know invited me to an event to share my powerful testimony (she couldn’t possibly know what my testimony is but powerful it is) and then proceeded to pray over my life things that only God could have led her to pray over me (also answering the very specific question I asked Him earlier).

This may all sound pretty random and perhaps if I wasn’t so tired I would write a little more clearer as I have left a lot out but if I had slept all night I would not have anything to share and share I must because God deserves a shout out!

I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God … the same God (because there is only One don’t you know) who created the Universe, sat and carefully put my life together. One of my talents is organising events and I work hard and well with the resources available to me. Is it any wonder then that the God of All has planned a destiny for me (and you) that far exceeds my (and your) imagination and expectation? I don’t think so. Not at all!

No guilt in life, no fear in death, This is the power of Christ in me; From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny. No power of hell, no scheme of man, Can ever pluck me from His hand: Till He returns or calls me home, Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand.

“In Christ Alone” by Stuart Townend


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